10 Things I wish I knew Before Starting a Blog

What I am going to say is not a copy or made up. It is totally my personal original experience. If at the starting of my blogging if I had knew these 10 things then my blogging journey would have been lot easier.

So lets discuss “10 Things I wish I knew Before Starting a Blog” without beating the bush.

10 Things I wish I knew Before Starting a Blog
What not to do at the stating of blog

10 Things I wish I knew Before Starting a Blog

1.Do not Copy Paste Articles

When I stated the blog I didn’t knew that google keeps track of every writings on the internet and hence I used to copy content from other sites. But soon I realized that I am not getting even a single traffic on my site. All because of duplicate content. So guess what I removed all copy paste work from my website.

My tip to you is that however bad you writing skill is. Write a blog post on your own because Google prefers unique and original contented over duplicate one.

2. Do not use Nulled paid themes or plugins

Nulled paid themes are those themes which are actually paid in the market (Like pro version of themes which you need to buy) but are available on some site and can be easily used with some tweaks.

These premium themes are basically hacked/tweaked to use it for free without any license.

Same goes for the nulled plugins. They are hacked to use without a license.

Obviously, these themes or plugins can be tweaked by only those who have some knowledge of plugin/Theme development. Also, it requires some hard work to achieve this purpose.

But have you thought why anyone in this world would do this for free i.e hacking themes and making it freely available over the internet?

Obviously No, they tweak themes/plugin and they put hidden backlinks and their ads codes in between the code of theme file so that they can make a profit from it. They configure it to function in such a way that when you are logged into your WordPress the ads put by them will not show to you. Hence you will hardly be able to recognize that your site is spammed and being utilized by others for their profit.

Also by using these types of themes, there is a huge risk of your WordPress site being hacked.

So please do not use nulled themes/plugins. they will cost you more than they provide benefits to you.

There are tons of free themes and plugins available which serve the same purpose as paid ones.

3.Post length

Suppose you write a 10 words post to tell your bank account number & password to gift all your money to your readers. Giving your money to all your readers is also one kind of value but google doesn’t rank your post although you are giving value to your user because post length is only 10 words.

A few years ago it was easy to rank a post of 300 words but now you need a post of at least 800 words to make it available in the search result.

The reason is not the change in the Google algorithm. It due to the fact that even a child nowadays writing a post of an average length of 500 words.

Hence google assumes that more the length of your post the more it is giving value to its user.

Note: For the sake of making post bigger do not write anything irrelevant to your post topic. This is not going to help you. Believe me.

4.Site speed

Your website speed is one of the key features of on-page SEO. But guess what it will not give you a single traffic unless you have something on your website that readers over the internet are searching for.

In short, your site speed doesn’t matter as long as your website doesn’t have good value content.

Once you start getting traffic from google search then the website speed can play a vital role in increasing the traffic.

Always make sure that your website takes the maximum of 3 seconds to fully load its content because if not then users usually press the back button and goes back to search result page for another site.

5.Myth of plugins

You might have heard that installing a lot of plugins can slow down your WordPress website. Initially, I used to think like that only. Well, that’s not totally true.

The plugins which effect the front end of your website has the tendency to slow down your site. Plugins like Image compressor, sitemap plugin, cache plugins etc operates on backend and therefore doesn’t have a hand in slowing down your website.

6.Pop up ads

Pop up ads are the ads which appear when a user visits your website and suddenly a new window popup with the ad.

Well, it may give you good ad revenue from the traffic of your website. But slowly it decays your site organic traffic performance, which you will not be able to notice in a short period of time.

It is because the ad quality of popup ads are low and shows irrelevant ads to your readers. That’s why people don’t like popup and gets irritated, which make them bounce back from your website.

7.Topic Selection

when I started the blog, It was my habit to start writing before doing any research on the topic. This was one of the big mistakes I used to do in the earlier days of my blogging.

Writing an SEO friendly article of more than 1000 words about a topic that people are not searching for is like wasting your time for nothing.

Do some research and analyze the competition about the topic before starting to write an article. It will take only a few minutes.

Example below:

See with how much search result you have to compete to rank higher.

before making blog
Competition on a topic

8. Don’t use free hosting

The plan which you use for hosting your blog plays a huge role in the success of your blog.

If you have a good quality blog with awesome contents and you have hosted your blog on free hosting, your blog may not get the traffic your blog worth.

Many people use free hosting for spamming the internet and hence search engines like google thinks twice before ranking the post hosted on the free hosting provider.

Also, it may be foolish to use a premium hosting plan like $2000/year just for starting your blog.

$2-$3 /month shared hosting plan is fine and works well for new blogs.

9.Making money is not easy

It is sure that blogging is one of the best ways to make passive income online. But if you are expecting that you will start earning as soon as you start a blog then you are wrong.

Making money through blog requires time, patience and hard work for sure.

According to my experience it will take at least 4 months for your blog to start making money -only if it gets good traffic and properly monetized.

It has been one year and I have not even earned single penny from this blog.

10.Blog vs SEO

Blogging is not hard. SEO is.

Even a child can make a blog but creating a SEO friendly blog requires knowledge. So learn some SEO. It is a must for every bloggers.

If you know trending SEO then you are the king of Internet.

So these are the 10 things I wanted you to know because if these 10 Things I wish I knew Before Starting a Blog then my blogging journey would have been lot easier.

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