Best Android Launcher 2018

Which is the best Android launchers to download in 2018 ? We have reviewed many launchers and shortlisted few latest Best Android Launcher 2018.

Google Now Launcher

Best launchers for android

This is essentially the launcher for anyone that is an Android purist. It comes on all of the Nexus devices, and kind of is the default launcher for Android nowadays.

It’s super clean. It’s based on Android’s own material design, obviously, so it’s kinda sharp looking. It’s pretty snappy, although some of the launchers on here are a little bit snappier, in my opinion.

But it also has the added benefit of Google’s voice recognition, and swiping all the way to the left screen will actually give you your Google Now cards, which are handy as well.

Google Now Launcher
Google Now Launcher
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

ZenUI Launcher

fastest android launchers

ZenUI Launcher is probably worth at least taking a look at. While some of its features are clearly borrowed from iOS, like swiping down to search, which I personally miss from iOS when I’m using Android device.

Swipe up to get to some quick settings. It is a pretty intuitive little launcher. There aren’t a ton of themes, if that’s your thing, but it has a decent amount.

Overall though,it is a pretty simple and quick little launcher, and it’s probably best for people that just wanna get in and out of their phone as quickly as possible.

Aio Launcher

Aio Launcher literally only appeared on the Play Store a couple of months ago and it’s a very odd launcher. There are no horizontal pages to scroll across, there’s no traditional app drawer.There is just one vertical feed containing quick settings, lots of system information applications, pleasant in words inside bubbles and lots more you can choose the order that different sections appear in.

There’s a dedicated search bar and the fact that everything here is in one feed, means that some aspects of your smartphone such as specific settings, menus are much quicker to reach.

AIO Launcher
AIO Launcher
Developer: Evgeny Zobnin
Price: Free+

U Launcher 3D

U launcher

U Launcher which you may not have heard of, but this is either the best or one of the best launchers when it comes to 3d animation. It requires a reasonable amount of processing power, but if you have it these animations are beautiful in their fluidity.

The icons are given a distinct shadow, which on one hand makes them a far cry from what most launchers are heading towards, especially trying to theme themselves after Android Oreo. But at the same time in a way that makes it kind of refreshing, there’s also lots of themes in customization here.

Generally, you will feel really fun one to play around.

ASAP Launcher

Asap Launcher-min

If you haven’t heard about it once, at least give this one a shot. It is definitely of all time ever since it was established one of the best launchers on Android.  This is a launcher, which as the name implies tries to get you to do things as quick as possible.

Almost everything you could want is one or a couple of swipes away. Including a quick access control center for toggles, including a mini app drawer at the bottom which is very conveniently placed because you can reach most of the apps there with your thumb.

And you can configure it. So the most frequently used ones appear there a DoubleTap. You can also configure for a certain other action and you can even pull out an app drawer from the left-hand side which can be controlled completely again with one finger.

ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher 2 is probably a name you’ve heard being thrown around. This is a launcher that used to be very established in androids early days.  But since then it has started and stopped a couple of times, but now it looks like it is back and is super optimized, super fluid and also very much up to date.

Everything that works in portrait mode also works in landscape and there is a huge amount of customization. I’d go as far to say even more than Nova. The launcher gives you a lot of control over gestures and puts them in a really easy to use.

The interface gives you a lot of fine-tuning capabilities over your icons the way they look. It even gives you masks that you can apply to icons. It is equivalent of a sort of creating your own icon pack.

ADW Launcher 2
ADW Launcher 2
Developer: AnderWeb
Price: Free+


Everything me launchers 2018

Everything me claims to be a contextual application, one that actually analyzes your usage and then uses this information to anticipate your needs. You’ll see a little bar on the bottom of your homepage and this shows applications which based on the applications you’ve used recently and historically, the launcher things are going to use next.

It doesn’t end there, when someone calls you and you missed their call, the launch will anticipate that you probably want to call them back, So their contact will just pop up in the home screen.

It will quite effectively sort your applications into different categories and based on your currently installed apps it’ll recommend new ones you can download. But you could look at this both ways, some would see it as a bit of a disadvantage.

For some reason Every thing is not available in Play Store. But you can download it from official website.

Anole Launcher


Anole Launcher really stands out because of its security focus. Aside from this it is a fast pretty, well featured launcher which lacks a little bit in the customizability arena. But it allows you to have pages in your home screen that are patent protected, where you can hide applications or certain files. In case for example you didn’t want anyone to know you have them installed or you’ve logged into those applications and they contain sensitive information.

It works really well, but the launcher takes it a step further from this locked home screen menu. You can create a guest mode where say you’re handing the phone to somebody, but you only want them to be able to use a specific set of applications. You can select them to give the phone over to them and they won’t be able to access the rest of your content without correctly typing in the pattern.

You can Check Anole launcher Here.

Lucid Launcher

Lucid launcher which is slightly less feature-rich, but at the same time constantly reminds me of a SUP launcher. You have an up drawer on the left-hand side, a home screen in the middle and swiping right from there you have an integrated browser on your home page.

You might be thinking well it kind of sucks that only got one homepage to place icons on widgets, but actually they are arranged vertically which is a pretty rare site. But it works just as well as horizontal.

There’s also a search bar just for applications and also a quick access menu to access your favorite apps. A little bit more easily okay.

Lucid Launcher
Lucid Launcher
Developer: Lucid Dev Team
Price: Free

Desktop for W10

best android launchers

This one is a pretty distinct departure from the rest of them on this list, but this is the desktop for Windows 10 launcher. You can probably tell this is simulating a Windows 10 computer. It is made for people who are very comfortable with that operating system and want to try and replicate it on that smartphone.

Now providing you do have a phone with a large enough display, I’d say at least 5.2 to 5.5 inches it’s pretty feature-rich. You’ve got all the customization. You’ve got different desktops, you’ve got recent applications which you can flick between.

It also gives you a lot of device information which is just one click away and they’ve re-skin a lot of quick toggles such as your flashlight so that they appear as they would on a Windows PC. This is not the only launcher that simulates a desktop but it is one of the better ones.

KISS Launcher

Kiss Launcher

KISS Launcher is actually short for “keep it simple stupid“. A very strange name for a launcher, but it kind of does do what it says on the tin. Simplicity is the word to use here.

There is one single keyboard which allows you to search through everything from your contacts to your applications to your various different conversations, even on WhatsApp. And most the time even after having typed just two letters you’ve got the result you were looking for right at the top.

But if you didn’t want to use the search bar you can tap the little button in the corner and it turns it into an app drawer. But it’s not the most efficient app drawer, it’s just a single vertical list.

KISS Launcher
KISS Launcher
Developer: Neamar
Price: Free

Nova Launcher

best android launcher

Nova Launcher- the Beast the, king the, universally regarded the best launcher on Android for a lot of reasons. It is compatible with just about every single icon pack, every type of widget and also has a good level of customization.

The other main factor is its efficiency. It doesn’t drain too much battery life and because it’s so well optimized it performs well even on lower-end phones.

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
Price: Free

Note: All the launchers listed here are available for free.

That’s all we had for the list of best free launcher for android. Also check our best android apps for this week.


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