Best Laptops Under 40000 With i5 processor

Nowadays Laptops are the basic need of every person. But the problem is that we don’t get the right laptops of our choice. On realizing that you guys are searching best laptops under 40000 with an i5 processor and good gaming experience, I made a list on my little research. So let’s take a look.

Best Laptop Under Rs 40000

Acer Aspire E5-575Best Laptop Under Rs 40000


  • Impressive battery life.
  • i5 7th gen chipset
  • 8 GB DDR 4 RAM

This laptop comes with the latest configuration possible with an i5 7th gen chipset and 8 GB DDR 4 RAM. This is further supported by a colorful display and strong build quality. The laptop cuts a dapper profile, thanks to its tapered shell and brushed finish.

A dedicated numeric keypad is a highlight of the Acer Aspire E5’s comfortable keyboard. With its sleek-looking shell, a generous selection of ports, impressive battery life, and comfortable keyboard, the E5 is well worth its Rs. 37000 sticker price—particularly because you can easily upgrade it with an SSD and more RAM to squeeze even more performance out of it.

Now Available in Amazon for (Rs 37,000.00)

Acer E5-575G

Best Laptop Under Rs 40000 with i5


This is an upgraded version of the previous laptop and happens to be the Best Gaming laptop available under 40K.

  • 2 GB’s of Nvidia 940MX GDDR5 card.
  • 8 Hours of Battery Life.
  • 4GB’s of DDR4 RAM.

The only thing that makes it fall short of a perfect gaming laptop is the dim 720P HD screen.

It includes a host of ports, even the USB-C and Ethernet. If it’s just specifications you’re after then you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal than this.

However, Acer has compromised in other key areas in order to achieve this value proposition, which is plain to see in terms of build quality, design, and the display. The image quality isn’t the best but that’s normal for an entry-level notebook. What it lacks in flashy engineering and classy materials, it makes up for in bang-for-your-buck performance.

Also, it’s bulky but For Rs. 40000, the Aspire E5-575G is a great value with its future-proofed performance and its up-gradable components that let you increase the storage and RAM.

The Acer E5-575G comes with 4GB’s of DDR4 RAM but if you add in some couple bucks then you can get the same laptop with 8GB DDR4 RAM at a price of around 40,980.

Now Available in Amazon for (Rs 40,980.00)

HP Pavilion x360

Best Laptop Under Rs 40000 with i5 processor

The third best laptop on our list is for students and office goers who are more into thin and light ultra books, the HP Pavilion x360 2017 Edition.

  • 11″ HD Laptop is a 2 in 1 convertible device with latest i3 7th gen chip-set.
  • 4 GB DDR4 RAM.
  • Touch Screen.
  • Best battery life.
  • Comes with a preinstalled Windows 10.

It is lightweight at around 1.4 Kgs, has sturdy build quality, a comfortable full-size keyboard, good speakers, and plenty of ports.

However, a Full HD display would have been an extra treat for the user. Its limited viewing angle display has average image quality at best, however; its performance leaves much to be desired. HP has delivered a cheap 2-in-1 that’s fast enough to be your primary PC.

The Pavilion x360 11 offers a powerful Intel i3 processor, impressive audio and solid battery life built into a highly flexible convertible frame.

Now Available in Amazon for (Rs 40,490.00)

Asus R558UF

Best Laptops Under 40000

The last laptop on our list fills in the shoes of the previous laptops by finally including a Full HD Display, The Asus R558UF.

  • Most powerful Full HD Laptop.
  • i5 6th generation processor.
  • 2GB’s of 930M graphic card.

In-fact if you want a Full HD Screen laptop then this is the one you should pick as this is the most powerful Full HD Laptop that you can get at a budget under 40K. Of course to get that screen other compromises have to be made like an i5 6th gen chip-set and 2GB’s of 930M graphic card.

Nevertheless, the performance is really good for the price and it comes with 2 years of warranty.

For Rs. 41000, The laptop is a pretty good option if you want an upgraded daily use laptop that comes in a very attractive color as well.

Now Available in Paytmmall for (Rs 41,499.00)


best laptops for college students

  • Processor: Core i5 (7th Gen)
  • 2 GB 940MX Graphic Memory.
  • RAM: 4 GB

This laptop is priced at around 38000 but Paytmmall is giving cashback up to Rs. 5000 on this laptop. So if you get the deal then, You will have an i5 7th gen, Full HD laptop with 2 GB 940MX DD3 VRAM just for Rs. 33000 – which is undoubtedly the Best deal that you can get.

So before trying the other laptops on this list first try getting this one.

So, These are the most powerful laptops available under Rs 40,000 and hence are very good options for college students and working professionals.

Rs 40,000 can get you a laptop that can handle your moderate gaming needs, implying, you would be able to play older games comfortably but might struggle with latest ones, unless played at the lowest settings.

Now Available in Paytmmall for (Rs 36,899.00)

Gamming Experience

If you can get a laptop with 940MX get it. Otherwise, 930M and the M445 will offer decent gaming experience.

All of these graphics cards should be adequate for architecture and design students too. On the processor front, the i5 7th Gen is the best you’ll find in this range.

5th gen Core i3 processors are a bit old now and should be avoided.

That’s all guys, depending on the article date and the date you are reading this post price may vary a little bit. If you in search of budgets phones then do check our post on Top budget phones under 10000.


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