Best MMORPG Android 2018

Order & Chaos 2: Redemption

Gameloft might get some slack for their annoying in-app purchases, but there’s no denying their massive contributions to smartphone gaming. Sure, it might be a clone to Blizzard’s fantasy RPG, but they definitely did good by bringing full-featured MMOs to the mobile.

While not the first, this sequel to Gameloft’s gorgeous MMORPG sets you up for an epic adventure around their massive medieval world. Journey with thousands others as you yourself venture through the path of redemption. Weave your own story as one of its five races, and cement your place in the world as mages, warriors, and more. Using its optimized chat and inbox, you’ll be able to interact freely with the thousands of players in real-time.

Build relationships with other adventurers to expand your raid parties, or challenge other players to a bout of of skill-testing PvP. With its dazzling graphics and beautifully rendered characters, it’s a high quality MMO that rewards your exploits and makes role-playing much more easy.

As a Gameloft game, the MMORPG naturally suffers from some pay-to-win aspects. But other than that, it’s undoubtedly one of the best MMOs on the mobile.

Order & Chaos 2: 3D MMO RPG
Order & Chaos 2: 3D MMO RPG


Play as an almighty god and rule over a world of your own imagining. Not only do you manage the lives of your citizens, Godus also lets you create the buildings and terrain that litter your tiny planet. Mold each mountain to your liking, populate it with adorable citizens, and watch it grow through the ages. With its charming, cartoon visuals, this beautiful world will draw you in every time.

Developer: 22cans
Price: Free+


Have you ever secretly wanted to punch your way into a whole new universe? Or a whole new you? If yes, then Ubisoft’s sandbox adventure is just the game for you. And while its “just” a smartphone game, there’s nothing mini about it. Acting like a universally larger Habbo Hotel, this MMO will let you communicate and interact with people in a setting that’s bigger than your average apartment.

With a little bit of work, and whole lot of punching, Growtopia doesn’t just let you design a measly flat. They take the large step forward by letting you build your very own world.

A world you can fill whatever way you want to. Create stellar artworks, build houses, or sculpt labyrinthian dungeons into its cosmic expanse. If you’re tired of the masonic endeavors, you can always play tourist and visit Growtopia’s over 300 miliion user-created worlds. So, what are you waiting for? An expanding universe awaits.

Price: Free+

Ravensword: Shadowlands 3d RPG

Lets face it, everybody loves the Elder Scrolls series, with their medieval open world, and remarkable RPG systems. But not everybody has the time to stay put in front of a pc for hours on end. Enter Crescent Moon Games with their wonderful open world RPG.

With Ravensworld, you’ll have a complete medieval RPG experience at your fingertips–whenever, wherever. Dive into the lush 3D world, and roam around the land of Tyreas. The game sets a new standard for open world visuals, with impressive textures and highly detailed models. Mixing history and fantasy, you’ll encounter giant spiders, dinosaurs, and so much more. Fight against them using magical runes or a variety of weapons, and watch yourself grow with every show of strength.

It probably couldn’t compete with the PC’s superior RPG’s, but it’s a good enough alternative for when you wanna scratch that itch. Discover lands, improve your skills, and become the greatest warrior in the kingdom.


While it might stand out from the lineup of open world games on the PC and consoles with their high polygon count and hyperrealistic worlds. On this Android list, however, this pixel adventure looks very much at home. But, of course, if you’ve ever played Terraria, you’ll know it’s no indicator of its actual greatness.

Create your own avatar, and dig your trusty pickaxe into a world that’s ripe for exploration. While it might strike you as another minecraft clone, the world of Terraria offers much more than the traditional creative output and survival. For one, it lets you live alongside other adventurers, each trying to carve their own legacy in the vast and mesmerizing openness of the world.

With hundreds of block types, dozens of environments, a score of ferocious bosses, and an exciting multiplayer, there’s a million things to discover here.

Go spelunking in caves, craft weapons, take up gardening, or partake in a grand quest for rare treasures. Whatever you fancy, Terraria is always ready to take you in.

Check Terraria.

Goat Simulator

For this entry, silliness is key. For a game titled Goat Simulator, there’s really not much to expect–and that’s a good thing. I mean, not to insult the world’s population of goats, but they’re not exactly the most interesting bunch. But if you thought for a moment you’d just be grazing about in fields, then we’re glad to tell you you’re absolutely wrong.

Everything about Coffee Stain Studio’s quote-unquote “simulator” is wacky and totally unexpected—and that’s the best part about it.

The goal is simple, become a goat and cause as much destruction as you possibly can. With gargantuan explosions, satisfyingly outrageous ragdoll physics, and breathtaking freedon, goat simulator will keep reeling you into the action. Go ziplining, visit the theme park, or blow up hundreds of cars.

And while bugs are usually a pain, goat simulator turns them into a healthy dose of hilarity. If it hasn’t crashed yet, the you’re not having enough fun!

Goat Simulator
Goat Simulator

Farming Simulator 18

The latest of three mobile iterations comes complete with the loud whirring of heavy agricultural tools, the sheer tranquility of planting crops, and the rewarding feeling of animal husbandry. It’s a genre that’s existed for years, and it’s made even better with a simple touch of realism.

Dive into the green landscapes, and begin your journey using the over 50 farming vehicles and machines from the world’s most trusted brands. From Challengers, to Valtras–you name it. Along with their collection of farming tools, is of course, an array of crops to plant and harvest for the new year.

Choose from beets, potatoes, wheat, canola–and, for the first time in the series, sunflowers–for you to turn your boring old farm into a beacon of bright yellow hues. Settle in to your preferred routine, gather your resources, and become the most efficient manufacturer in town–with wool, milk, timber, and so much more.

While its not the most realistic game on the market, its upgraded 3D visuals will take you one step closer to your farmlife dreams.

Farming Simulator 18
Farming Simulator 18
Developer: GIANTS Software
Price: $4.99+

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

offline open world games for android 2018

Time might be the cause of many of the world’s miseries, but it definitely does good in the world of videogames.One of the landmarks in the open world genre, Grand Theft Auto’s seventh title reigns supreme on the mobile–more than 10 years since its first release. What used to be a sort of benchmark on PCs and console can now be enjoyed in the comforts of our own phones. Now isn’t it a great time to be alive?

Return home to Grove Street and partake in the criminal misadventures of Cj and the gang. Other than the much needed graphical updates, this mobile port isn’t a lot different from the original. But even with the blocky visuals, its as loveable as ever.

Explore the vast state of San Andreas in all its glorywhether you wanna ride around with their funky radio stations, go on shootouts in hundreds of missions, or order Big Smokes at the cluckin bell–The world is yours for a fraction of the cost.


For a game with Simple in its title, nothing has ever strayed as far from the truth. As a simulation, SimplePlanes is anything but simple–and that’s one of its most admirable traits.

It distills the complicated science of plane design and flight into a bite-sized diversion. With everything that’s difficult, you’ll have to start from scratch. Thankfully, the game takes you smoothly through your baby steps with its helpful tutorial. It might take you a while to absorb its barrage of information, but its what makes it all the more rewarding.

Get to know the complex jargon, create your very own plane, and take to the skies! Unfortuantely, staying there is another story altogether–albeit a simpler one. Master the art of flight, glide through the air, and appreciate the glorious beauty of the virtual earth and heavens.

Developer: Jundroo, LLC
Price: $4.99

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Explore a planet-sized world right on your smartphone with Mojang’s most popular sandbox adventure. Having made it in almost all relevant platforms, the mini voxel universe opens up even more new opportunities with their grand entrance to the mobile world.

Making its debut on the App Store in 2011, the game has come a long way since. With a slew of new content and a dash of much needed visual upgrades, it sheds its dated past and brings it to a new level of greatness.

Open your mind to the dangers of their blocky environments, or widen your horizons in their vast haven for creativity. With various game modes to choose from, you’ll have free reign to do whatever you want–whether its living alongside the creatures of their world in survival, or expressing your inner artist in creative mode: the choice is yours.

While it still lacks a few features from the PC original, this pocket edition definitely nails the core elements of a Minecraft title.

Developer: Mojang
Price: $6.99+

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