Best Websites to Learn Coding for Free

These Best Websites to Learn Coding for Free is made on considering that you are beginners in the coding world.

Also, all the website listed here teaches you to learn to code absolutely free. So let’s have a look on the list of websites.


Free Code Camp

FreeCodeCamp has an interactive learning platform designed to make learning web development accessible to anyone.

There are several skills to choose from including html5, css3, javascript along with many others. If you ever need assistance, they have an active forum, where you can get help from other coders.

The Odin Project is created by the Viking code school focuses primarily on web development.

They’ll teach you the skills you need for web development in a logical order from simple scripts all the way up to fully functional websites.

Along the way, you’ll end up learning Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, jQuery and more. On the Odin project, it’s usually best to follow the courses and order starting at the top with web development 101 which has 36 lessons.



CodinGame is a great way to improve your programming skills in a cool and entertaining way, with more than 25 languages to choose from.

You’re bound to find the programming skill that you want to learn. You can also participate in international online programming contests and play multiplayer programming games with others.

When you start out with the coding game, you’ll have a tutorial that will get you more familiar with the coding environment.


Upskill website

Upskill is one, I would bet most of you have never heard of, in fact I just found out about them recently they offer a comprehensive list of courses for web development with new content being added monthly.

Their style of teaching is done in a conversational way to make you feel like you’re learning from a friend. The essential web developer course, which they also call their boot camp covers full stack web development.

The intent of the bootcamp is to take you from a beginner to an advanced web developer, that can perform just about every task in the development process.

Upskill currently offers more than 145 lessons to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript along with many others.

w3 schools

W3 Shool site preview

w3 schools created in 1998 is one of the oldest and more popular websites.

Each month here you can learn HTML CSS JavaScript PHP and many others.

They also offer a wide selection of free responsive HTML templates to begin. Just select a tutorial then just read and follow the instructions.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Another one that’s been around for a long time that most of you should know is Khan Academy, known for having content on subjects from math to economics.

Along with other subjects they also offer beginner courses in computer programming for JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL.

They also offer advanced courses as well which is like many of the sites.

General Assembly Dash

General assembly Dash

General assembly Dash– this is another website focused on teaching you web development in HTML CSS and JavaScript.

Through a series of projects, the projects include building a personal website, blog theme small business website, CSS robot and mad libs game.


Best sites to learn to code

SoloLearn is one of the better organized and structured sites to learn to code.

It’s very similar to another website that many of you are familiar with called code Academy. Unlike code Academy, solo learn is completely free.

None of their features are locked behind a paywall they offer tutorials for 12 programming disciplines including C++, Python, Ruby, PHP, CSS and many others.

One of the best things about Sololearn is that your progress can also be synched with their Android and iOS app, so you can always pick up from where you left off.


EDX tutorials

EDX is a nonprofit organization created by MIT and Harvard University.

Now with more than 70 schools and organizations offering free courses on the EDX website, they now offer more than 1,200 courses in just about any subject that you can think of.

You can browse the selected courses in their Computer Sciences category, but sometimes on the EDX website, it’s easier to find what you’re looking for by doing a search.

You can refine your search by going down the page to the level category and selecting introductory now.


Best Websites to Learn Coding for Free

CodeAcademy is a freemium interactive platform that offers coding courses in more than twelve different programming languages.

The courses offered include HTML, CSS, Python and many others. They do offer one of the better-looking user interfaces with the instructions.

If you want additional features, codeacademy pro is $19.99 per month and codeacademy pro intensive starts at 199 dollars, but for most of you their free version will be all that you need.

If you know any other platform or site which where you can learn coding for free, then do share them in the comment section.

Also apart from web development or any other courses if you are interested in Android Development, then do check this How to start Learning Android | Android App Development for Beginners. Thanks for reading.


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