WP Rocket -Best WordPress Minify, Cache Plugin

Website speed is one of the most important ranking factors. So website optimization in all possible way is a must for every blogger. So here I came with the Best WordPress Minify Plugin to increase website speed and performance WP Rocket.

After testing various WordPress plugin on my site. I found that the W3 Total Cache plugin and WP Rocket plugin works best. But the configuration of W2Total Cache Plugin is a little bit difficult as compared to Wp rocket. Also, Wp Rocket plugin has an easy interface with multiple extra functions.

The reason why WP Rocket is the best plugin to speed up your WordPress site because of the following Points.

Minify HTML, CSS & Javascript

One of the main function of WP rocket Plugin is to minify the website’s HTML, CSS and javascript code to load our website faster.

What happens in minification is that it removes all the irrelevant blank spaces and useless comments from the code, hence thereby decreases its size. As a result of we faster page load speed to some extent.

Minify HTML, CSS & Javascript

Cache HTML, CSS & Javascript

The most important feature of this plugin is to make possible the cache of the website into the user browser. So that, If the same user comes back to your website for some reason, despite requesting the file from your website server, your website will be loaded from the saved cache version of your site into the user browser.

Hence, as a result, your website will load faster. Thus saving user internet data and obviously the time.

This improves the User Experience of your site, which is the very important SEO factor for ranking of your site, according to Google.

Mobile Cache

Mobile cache in WP Rocket Plugin

Along with HTML, css and javascript cache option, this plugin gives you separate mobile cache option because mobile view may be different from the desktop version of your website. which give you advance control on the caching procedure of your site.

Lazy Load Images

According to SEO experts, including images, infographics and videos into our post increase user experience. Because people like the post with some graphical content than the post containing plain text. which sometimes leads to boring post and the reason due to which the user/reader may get off from your site.

Thus including images and videos in your post will hold your readers for a longer period of time, which leads to less bounce rate and high on page time. which plays a major role in SEO of your website.

Lazy Load in WP Rocket Plugin

The problem is including a lot of images may increase your page size so as the page load time. Here comes the WP Rocket lazyload option handy.

This feature allows your page to load completely without loading all images. Hence the unload images will be loaded as the user scrolls down to your website.

Database Optimization WordPress

Database optimization with WP Rocket plugin

WP Rocket plugin list all the bloats in your database in terms of revisions, auto drafts, trashed post, spam comments etc which sometimes slow down the database queries. But, with WP Rocket plugin you can get rid of all these bloats in a single click.

CloudFlare CDN integration

Clouflare integration in wp Rocket wordpress plugin

Wp Rocket plugin gives you the option to connect with your Cloudflare account or another CDN network, which as a result gives you the facility to hard clear cache your website as well as your connected CDN network cache, straight away from the plugin.

Apart from these you also get various other option to optimize your WordPress site such as

  • Sitemap Preloading, Rocket Tester with analysis
  • option to rollback to the previous version of WordPress
  • automatic critical CSS generation
  • Combine Google Font Files
  • Remove query String from static sources etc.

I am using this plugin and Google speed test for my website has improved a lot.

Google page speed result after usinf WP ROcket Plugin

As I discussed, apart from minification, this plugin can do a lot more than just to minify WordPress. Hence It really helps in WordPress SEO optimization.

The Only downside of WP Rocket Plugin is that it is not free. Otherwise, If you buy it, I am sure its worth your money. Thanks for reading.

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