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In my old post, I have discussed all the money through which one can easily make passive income and earn money online from home. Of all the methods I discussed there, I had clearly mentioned that earning through the blog is one of the best ways to make money. Hence I am here to discuss with you all the secrets to start blogging for free and make money online.

How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money?

Now, for a blog we need two most important things:

  1. Domain name: It is the address of your site by which your readers can reach your website through internet eg.
  2. Web Hosting or Server: It is the online storage or space on the internet which will store all your website’s files and which you can access by your domain name.

How to get Free Domain name?

Now is the time to get you a domain name. Before getting a domain name for your website, you need to know that domain name has various types and extension for example: .com, .net, .org, .tk etc and so their price varies accordingly. If you want to buy a domain name then you can buy it from one of the best domain name registrar mention here:

  • Name Cheap
  • GoDaddy
  • BigRock

There are many other registrars through which you can buy a premium domain name. I suggest you NameCheap because they do offer domain names for the cheap rate. Buy premium domain only if you really want to. Though being a beginner I recommend you to get a free domain.

To get Domain name for free go to

Go to Freenom for free domain registration

Type the name for your domain and check for its availability. If available then select your choice of domain name, If not then try another name. After selecting your domain name go to checkout option.

free domain registration checkout

In the next page, select the period up to which you want this domain name. I suggest you go for 12 months FREE period. Click Continue.

Get domain free for 12 months

In the next page, you will be asked to enter your email for verification/signup purpose. Enter your email and click on verify.

Verify your email address

A verification link is sent to your email. Check your email and verify your account.

On clicking verification link received on your email you will be redirected to “Your Details” page, where you need to fill out your profile details.

Verify your email address

After filling out details, click on complete order. You successfully registered a domain for free without paying any money. You can check your registered domain here.

Successfully registered domain for free

How to get Free Web Hosting with Cpanel?

To get free web hosting you have two option (both I have personally used):

  1. 000webhost: This web hosting company gives you free hosting but along with that you also get to see their watermark on your website (running on their free plan), once it is launched.
  2. InfinityFree: This web hosting company also provide you free hosting along with c panel without any restrictions.

I recommend you to use 000webhost if you are using free domain because most of the free domains are blocked in the InfinityFree web hosting. So go to 000webhost.

Web hosting

Click on sign up for free.

Fill email, password and your choice of website name and click GET FREE HOSTING.

free webhosting registration

Once your registration process is complete you will be redirected to your 000webhost account dashboard.

Now we need to link our domain to our web hosting account. So click on Set Web Address on the top bar.

set web address in 000webhost

A popup will pop up, ignore it by clicking I don’t mind 000webhosting branding.

free hosting message

On the little bottom of the page, you will find the find button Add Domain. click it to attach domain to web hosting.

adding domain in 000webhost free hoosting

Select option park domain.

park domain in web hosting nameservers

Enter the domain name in the text box and click park domain.

enter domain website name

Now your hosting will handle all the request received from your newly registered domain. But wait,  your domain doesn’t know how to redirect the request to this host, so we need to configure the domain with name server in order to point all request to the current hosting.

So go back to Freenom and login to your account.

In the bottom of the footer menu, go to My Domains.

where is my domains in freenom

A page will open that list all your registered domains with the present registrar. Click on Manage Domain button on the right menu of your new free registered domain name.

freenom domain management

Now under Management Tools menu. go to option nameservers.

setting up nameservers in freenom

Select second option select “Use custom nameservers“.

Enter into Nameserver 1 box and into Nameserver 2 box as stated in the picture below. Leave rest boxes blank and click Change Nameservers.

edit nameservers in freenom

If Changes Saved Successfully! a message appears afterward you have successfully changed nameserver of your domain name. If not then you must have entered the wrong spelling of nameservers.

nameservers chane successful

Give some time after this operation so that the linkup take place. Once this happens you will see a 000webhost page on visiting your website/domain name. So this means everything is on their place and fine. Let’s start installing WordPress on your site for your blog.

How to install WordPress?

So go back to your 000webhost account and go to Build website.

Build free blog

Select the second option Build WordPress Website.

Build wordpress site free

Enter your Admin username and password for WordPress account. Select URL as your domain name from the dropdown menu and hit Install.

link wordpress with domain

You will see the WordPress installation has started.

wordpress installation successfull

After the successful installation of WordPress, you can now visit your website which you have created free without spending any money.

Important WordPress Settings before Writing your First Post

Before writing your first blog post there are a few settings that you must do/check to make your WordPress site more secure and friendly.

1. In Settings > General. Update your site Title and Tagline of your choice. Save changes.

2. In Settings > Writing. Check and match up the settings as stated in the picture below. Don’t check “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” even by mistake otherwise your blog post will notbe be indexed and rank on search engines.

3. Settings >Permalinks. Basically, permalinks are the format of the URL of your blog post, which shows how your blog post’s URL will appear in the search engine or in the address bar.

I suggest you choose permalink as Post name” because it is more SEO friendly for search engines and also sometimes responsible for high ctr.

4. Go to User and select your username. Change your nickname from your default username to some another name. And select the same nickname in “Display name publicly as“.

Now every place in your website/blog in place of your actual Username it will show your Nickname. This will maintain your privacy. Because if some bad person gets your actual username he/she will try to login to your blog by guessing the password with your username, which you will definitely do not want to happen.

5. Go to Plugins and uninstall all the preinstalled plugins because they are of no use for new blogs.

6. Delete default hello world post from Post and sample page from Page.

Install Theme in WordPress

You may not be liking the default WordPress theme and want to change your current theme.

So go to Appearance > Themes. Click on Add New on the Top.

Choose or search for your desired theme. Install and activate it.

Note: I would suggest you delete all other themes from Themes section which you are not using. To delete a theme select theme and click delete available at the rightmost bottom.



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