Genymotion Free: Alternative to Bluestack

If you are bored of holding the phone or want to run phone apps as well as the desktop app on your PC or laptop at the same time, then this post is for you. In this post, I will tell you how to use android apps on pc without bluestacks using genymotion for free. For this purpose, the graphics card is not necessary, also using this method you can run android apps or games on any window versions.

Genymotion Vs Bluestack

I prefer genymotion over bluestack because genymotion is more lightweight then bluestack. With Genymotion you can install the different version of Android OS and even can run it at the same time, that is not the case in the blue stack. Genymotion also gives you more mobile experience when compared to bluestack.

Setting Genymotion: Alternative to Bluestack

How to install Genymotion

First, you need to download genymotion. So open Google and search for “genymotion for personal use”. Open the first link. You will be redirected to genymotion official fun zone website.

Search genymotion in google

Now you need to click the link “Download Genymotion Personal Edition”. You will be redirected to the login page.

Download genymotion personal edition

Since you are new so you need to register so click on “Create an Account” (or login if you are already registered).

Genymotion signIn

Fill username, your email, password, company type (personal), usage type (Gaming type or whatever), your country and click “Create an Account”.

Genymotion signup

Now you need to verify your registered email. So open your Gmail account (the same with which you have registered) and click on the link they have sent you.

Genymotion account verification

After verification, you will be redirected to another page so click ” Continue”. Then finally you will be redirected to download page.

Download GenyMotion

Now, here you have two options:

  1. With Virtual box
  2. Without Virtual box

You need to select the first option i.e with virtual box. As soon as you do so, the download will start.

After the installation has finished, open Genymotion.

Run android apps on pc or laptop

You will see a pop-up screen asking you to sign in, so select sign in and enter the same details which you have used for registration during the download of genymotion software.

android app on pc


After success sign in again the same window may pop up. This time select option “Personal Use”(at last as in the screenshot). Accept the license agreement.

Afterward, if no more pop up comes simply select plus(+) sign in the top bar.

run android games on PC

A new window will open with the list of different android version and specification. Select one of your choices and proceed to next.

Genymotion list of virtual device

Downloading of the android image will start followed by the automatic installation.

Genymotion downloading os

Now click on the installed ROM.

how to run android app on Laptop

You will see the emulator starting as an abstract of android phone. Be patience for the first boot because the first boot will take some time.

Enjoy, now you have Android running on your PC/Laptop

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