How to get 1000 subscribers on Youtube for free

Follow these tips you can easily get 1000 subscribers on Youtube for free

Do Not Sub for Sub

Try to find people to network with, sub4sub is fine and you can easily get 2,000 subscribers. But hat it’s incredibly pointless to do it because, those people who are subscribing to you just for a sub back are never gonna watch your videos and you just have a bunch of inactive subscribers. You can flex the people you know like your friends and like other people saying that you have a thousand subscribers. But who really cares. No brands are gonna want to look at you and say that they should sponsor you. So, I really don’t see a benefit in doing it. I’m just telling you it’s not really a smart thing to do.

get 1000 subscriber in youtube

Active subscribers, who actually enjoy your content, then having a bunch of like people who don’t even watch your content, does that makes sense?

But one thing I really do want to say is getting your first 100 subscribers is probably the hardest thing on YouTube and I know you’re looking probably gonna say no getting a million is way harder.

Honestly in my experience and a lot of my friends also say that 100, like your first 100 is probably the hardest thing to do on YouTube. Because that’s literally you building your channel from the ground up and once you have your first 100 then you finally have the ball rolling and it’s much easier to keep it rolling unless you yourself let it stop. So for a lot of people I know, including myself each milestone has been easier than previous one.  For example 50,000 subscribers way easier than 40,000, 40,000 was way easier than 30,000 , 30,000 was way easier than 10,000, 10,000 is  way easier than 100 and everything else just goes like that and that’s how it is for a lot of youtubers.

To get to a 1000 subscribers after you’ve gained your first 100, it’s honestly not that hard all you want to do is just do the exact same thing you were doing to get your 100. But every time you make a video ask yourself, what you can do better at this time? None of us are ever gonna have a perfect video, literally no content creator on YouTube does really have a video, that is 100% satisfied.

Increase Video Quality

increase video quality

There’s always one thing that you can always do better to increase the video quality. It’s gonna be taking an extra hour or even just an extra minute to edit a video, getting more footage, scripting your videos. Just doing something each time is gonna help you make your videos better and unless you actually think your video is the highest quality available on YouTube, you always gonna have one thing that you can improve on this can be editing color correction, having better sound quality and a bunch of stuff can be involved in this part to grow your channel.


how to get 1000 subscribers on youtube for free

Honestly, I will not lie. Clickbait is a great way to grow your channel. Just don’t clickbait to the point where people are gonna watch your video just to leave a dislike. But clickbait to the point, where you’re actually gonna get the person to click on your video and once they’re on the video just make sure you give them the reason to not click off of it. What I’m trying to say here is that the biggest channel on YouTube are because of clickbait. That’s fine as long as you can still deliver a good content after the viewer clicks on the video.

Consistent Video Upload

Just be consistent– The missing the tip that every single youtuber ever says. Actually think about it, every big youtuber uploads on a schedule. Some of them upload daily, some of them upload every other day, some of them upload weekly. Just do something, so that you’re always pushing out content to your potential viewers and honestly I don’t want to hear that it’s too hard to follow a schedule. when people like Logan Paul and Jay Paul are able to upload every single day and they have busy lives. So if they can do it, you can also do.

I do know that coming up with video every days can be really rough and you don’t have to upload every single day but just be consistent. Also try finding ways to improve your content even more than it was the last time you uploaded a video.

Choose One Topic

Choose trending topic for youtube videosBy the time you’ve hit a 100 subscribers you should have already found your niche and you have initially some essentially, the category of content you want to be uploading. Whether that’s cooking videos tutorials, tips gaming pranks, whatever it may be this is the time where you don’t want to be doing all of those but instead just pick one and whatever that one is it’s probably the one that did the best for you while. You’re experimenting with a bunch of content and just pursue it full-force and what I mean by this is that whatever is trending at that moment you have to get on that wave right away. Otherwise you’re gonna be too late. So if a new game comes out in your gaming channel. do whatever you can to upload them as much with that game as you can right away because that’s what’s gonna be trending at that time and a lot of people are gonna be looking for that stuff.

Now let’s say you’re a beauty channel on a new product comes out do the same thing and upload videos about that right away. Kim Kardashian, just released her new line of beauty products just a few days ago those are gonna be getting millions of views on the days and whatever is trending essentially it’s just what you want to jump in on and do that as soon as possible because then you’re gonna place high-end search results and actually be able to share your content with more people.

Basically what I’m saying is that trending topics are what’s gonna get youtubers a lot of growth. These days and if it’s something new that gets released or something big happening in the news people are gonna be talking about it all over social media and even be looking videos  on YouTube. If you’re one of the people who uploaded a video about it early, you’re gonna be showing up when they look it up on YouTube. It’s as simple as that and that’s how you can play with a search algorithm to actually use it in your favor .

In the last thing that I have to say for this post, other than continue doing the same what you did to get 200 subscribers.

Other Tips

tagging is impotant to gain views and subscriber

I didn’t mention is that just tag your videos.  I kid you, not almost every single person wasn’t using tags. what I had to say tagging is so important because literally what’s gonna get your video to the top of search results. You could honestly make the best video in the world and if you don’t take it well it might not ever get noticed by anyone. You’ll never get your big break on YouTube.


Anyways guys that’s it for the post. I hope you guys did got benefit from it. This is a pretty long post. I guess but I really want to teach you guys How to get 1000 subscribers on Youtube and how you guys can – it’s really not that hard just get to 100 and then you’re set from there. Trust me. I hope you guys also enjoyed.

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