WhatsApp Addiction | how to stop whatsapp addiction

How to stop whatsapp addiction? Are you wasting lot of your time on social apps like whatsapp and Facebook. Definitely yes, that’s why you are here. This is not only your problem its the problem of entire generation. We don’t even know how much days we have wasted in the social technologies just in the fake hope of getting social relation with other people. We didn’t even try to know that ,theĀ  precious time of our life which we spend in hope of getting response from another people doesn’t worth it. In fact they don’t give any fuck to us.Enough beating the bush lets straight get into the video and know how we can get rid of them.

I Waste a Lot of Time | How to stop whatsapp addiction

How do I stop wasting time on WhatsApp? Well,If you also waste alot of your time on whatsapp and worried what to do? then this video is for you.

Quick Tips:

  • If you don’t have any important contacts of distant relatives or friends or family, try to uninstall whatsapp
  • Disable whatsapp notification
  • Avoid changing status and profile pictures frequently
  • Delete unnecessary contacts ,especially of girls
  • Mute multiple whatsapp groups
  • Remove whatsapp shortcuts from home screen
  • More use web whatsapp
  • Develop new hobbies ,enjoy your outside world

This above video is for motivational and educational purpose.

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Video source: MyTechStudy YouTube channel

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