How to Play Video while Downloading with IDM

Who likes to wait for the whole movie/video to finish download to start watching them? Specially when the movie file is very large in size. No one. So in this post I will discuss how you can play video while downloading in IDM (Internet Download Manager).

How to Play Video while Downloading with IDM?

First, you need Internet download manager. If you don’t have it, you can download IDM from the given link. Install it.

Now comes the main setup. So open Internet Download Manager (IDM ) and go to Downloads menu option present in the top menu bar, then to Options.

Play Video while Downloading

A window will open. In this window go to Connection tab. In the connection tab there an options to choose       default max. conn. number. Set it to 1. By doing this your file will be download as single thread(single part/file), which will give you uninterrupted video play capability.

Now download your video file, which you want to download from internet with IDM.

With your file being downloaded open My Computer/My PC. In the left panel go to Desktop option which is present at the very top as stated in the picture.



Go to folder with the same name as of your account name or PC name.

IDM tricks

Go to Folder named AppData. There may be some possibility, that AppData folder is not there, In that case you need to unhide the folder from control panel. For this go to control panel > Appearance and Personalization > Folder Options > View > check show hidden files and folders.

watch movie while downloading

Then to Roaming Folder.

Then to IDM Folder

Then to DwnlData Folder

Then to PC/account named folder.(Can be something like home, users, your name etc)

Now right click on empty space and select sort by as Date Modified. By doing this, the file which you are downloading will list on the very top in the order of modification time/date. Henceforth, It will be easier for you to find the folder in which your video or file is being downloaded.

idm download data location

Go to the top folder which contains your video file being downloaded. The folder name should partially either with the name of your file being downloaded or with the name of download source.

watch movie without downloading

The folder usually contains two files

  1. A log File
  2. A media file without any extensions.

All you need to do is to open the non media file with VLC  or any other media player using “Open with” option present in the right click menu of the file.

Note: On refreshing the page, you will notice the size of file increasing correspondingly. Open that file only with vlc.

playing movies

You have successfully played your video file without downloading it completely.

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