How to make passive income in India

Who doesn’t loves and need money? Everyone. So why have you not started earning some money yet? Whether you are a student or an employee having a well-paid job, you should always try to earn some little more money in your extra time.

A student in their free time should also, at least try to earn some little money over the internet to become less independent of their parents. Being a student I also wanted to earn some money. If you are thinking its hard, Let me tell you it is not so.

So lets together discuss, Why you should start earning Extra Money and How to make passive income in India online from home? so that we can make our life easier and beautiful.earn passive income

Why should you Start Earning Extra Money?

  • Take advantage of the time value of money. Simply put, 10 years from now, $1 utilized today will be worth than $1 utilized 9 years from now. This is because the money which you will use today to earn money for the future, will give you more money. The more you do late the more you lose.
  • Internet is booming into completions day by day. Just think your self,you want to open a new YouTube channel to earn some bucks from your videos. But what you don’t know that the number of new videos and channels,which is uploaded and made are very large in numbers.
  • Today 2 out of 5 people are having their own channel on YouTube and they are also earning good amount of money. So why are you sitting idle. The more you wait the more you lose money and the difficult it will be to grow your channel later.
  • Over the Internet, we come across several products on the shopping site, which we want to buy. But we were not able to buy because it will affect our monthly budget. With passive income, your monthly budget will not be to start earning extra money
  • Passive income gives you the freedom of time. Suppose you work as an employee and you feel tired on some office day and you don’t want to work that day. But you are not able to do so because it will affect your salary. Here passive income will work as compensation, you will get freedom of time to do whatever you want.
  • There are no associated costs with the passive income. No lunches with co-workers, no uniforms, no dry cleaning, and no transportation costs to and from work.  
  • You can work from anywhere you want. Maybe from a mountain or from the beach. Didn’t it sounds amazing?  

How to make passive income online?


How to earn from youtube

This is the best and the easiest way over the internet to make passive money online. I myself is making money with my YouTube channel.

  • All you need a camera(not necessary when making computer videos), a mobile or PC or laptop with internet that’s all.
  • Next, find your skill what you are good at, you must be good at something, everyone does so. Make a channel on that topic.
  • For a YouTube channel, all you need a Google account, nothing more. Go to YouTube and create it just now.
  • Record your videos and upload it with good title and description.
  • Once you pass YouTube threshold(10k overall views and 1k subscribers) to monetize your account. You can apply for Google ad sense and link your YouTube channel.
  • Your videos will start showing ads and you will start earning money.

YouTube and Google Adsense is a different huge topic so I will give every detail about in another post.


How to earn from blog

A blog is the another best way to make passive money online in India. Because Hindi content has more demand and less supply.

All you need a domain and a hosting account. Now it will cost you a little amount of money to get started. But don’t worry, If want a free domain you can get one from Freenom and for free hosting visit webhost .

Install WordPress on start writing blogs just like I am doing. Once you start getting traffic on your blogs. You can monetize your website with ads to earn few bucks.

If you don’t want to mess up with the domain, hosting and all these things then you can straight away start with Blogger absolutely free.

Update: I wrote a post in which I have discussed how to make a blog for free and with free domain name and hosting.

Amazon affiliate

You can not only buy stuff from Amazon but can also earn from Amazon affiliate program. In Amazon affiliate ,Amazon gives you a unique link of the any product you choose for others to buy. If any other person buys that product from Amazon through your unique link then you get a small commission from Amazon. Hence in this another way you make money from internet.

You might be thinking how can I promote my link and convince people to buy from my link? You can use YouTube and blog post for that purpose.

All you need to do is to make a review video of the product you want people to buy. Upload that Video on YouTube and put your unique affiliate link on the video description. If viewers like the product which you reviewed, then they will check the description for the link(If you have mentioned in your video).

Similarly, do the same in your post. Review the product and attach your affiliate link. But make sure the product you are recommending is valuable for others.

There are various other ways through which you can earn money part-time from the web. For that, you have to watch the video(Post is getting long :P).

Thanks for reading. Comment below and feel free to ask your queries. Also comment any other ways relating ‘How to earn money online, which I have not mentioned or missed out.

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