How to get Non Copyrighted Videos for YouTube

You are here then you must be having a YouTube channel and you are in search of some videos to use it for your channel without any copyright issue. In this post, I will tell you How to get Non Copyrighted Videos for Youtube.

Now, the surprise is YouTube is the only place where you will get non copyrighted videos for your channel. To know how you first need to know What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons

YouTube gives the different video licensing option for the video uploader for its video. The default license see is YouTube standard license. Which in general state that the video is the product of the video uploader and cannot be reused. Another option for the license is Creative Commons. Which state that the video which comes under this license can be reused by another person on certain requirements. And it’s upon the video uploader hand, which license he chooses.

Now, we know that the video which comes creative commons license can be reused. All we need to do to is to search for those videos. To do so, follow the steps.

Steps to get Non Copyrighted Videos for YouTube

First Open YouTube and search for which type of videos you want. For example, I want a video for PUBG. so I am searching for pubg in YouTube search.

search non copyrighted videos on youtube

Now go to filter option and select option creative commons.

How to get Non Copyrighted Videos for YouTube

The videos which are listed in the search result can be used freely without any copyright issue.

creative commons videos on youtube-min

One more thing you can do is that to apply the upload date filter. So that the search result shows you the latest and relevant videos for use.

what is creative commons in YouTube

And one more thing at last, If you are using someone video on your channel, then do give the credit to the original video makers/uploader on your video description.

In MyTechStudy YouTube channel also, We use creative commons videos. You can check our videos, to get how we use by giving credits to the video makers.

If you have any doubts or query regarding the method, then comment your problem. And if you know any other tricks to get non copyrighted videos for youtube, then please share with us in the comment section.

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