Paytm Tricks and Promo Code for New Users

How to get Paytm Cashback?

You are here then you must be using Paytm app and want to make money from Paytm. You are in the right place because in this post I will discuss all the tricks I have used to make money from Paytm. I will also attach the proof to make you all believe that it possible to get money out of Paytm. How to get Paytm Cashback?

Order from Paytm for free

firsttimelucky paytm promo code

Yes, you heard right. Now you can order items from Paytm without paying any price. For that purpose, you need to have a mobile number, which is never used in the Paytm. All you need to do is to register into Paytm with that number. Now, Paytm has one condition that in order to receive cashback you need to have KYC done for your account. Here comes the trick. You don’t need to do complete KYC. Only you need to do is to provide your Aadhaar card number at the time of registration. That’s all now you have half KYC done and fully eligible to get cashback from Paytm.

What to do if your Aadhaar number is used in Paytm in another account?

Since. I told you, you do not need to do full KYC, It means that at the time of registration you can also use Aadhaar number of other people who previously have not used or linked Aaddhar number in Paytm in the past.

That’s all. Now, click on the banner stating “order first time for free”. Choose your product and apply promo code FIRSTTIMELUCKY. Remember, you only get maximum cashback of 199 rupees only don’t order items above 199 if you don’t want to pay extra cash.

Get cashback in paytm for first mobile recharge

first time paytm recharge paytn free

Don’t get fooled while recharging your mobile number from Paytm for the first time. If you have a new Paytm account or you are doing mobile recharge for the first time in Paytm then there is 100% chance to get mobile number recharged for free. All you need to do is to apply promo code FIRST at the time of the first recharge. Remember you will only get maximum 50 rupees cashback. so if you want free recharge then recharge for 50 rupees for full Cashback.

Link your Aadhaar with Paytm and get Cashback

link paytm aadhaar

Here you get another chance to get cashback up to 200 rupees for linking your Aadhaar with Paytm wallet, which is called full KYC. To do full KYC you need to visit nearest KYC center as stated in the Paytm app. All you need to go to “Complete KYC” option in your profile, Paytm will itself show the KYC center nearest to you.

Link bank account and get cashback for sending money

paytm cashback on bank transfer

You can get cashback of rupees up to 1000 for linking your bank account with Paytm. For this, you need to do complete KYC.

Once you have completed your KYC, Goto BHIM UPI option in the Paytm available at the top section. Add your bank account and create a new UPI address.

Remember it is important to create new UPI address for your linked bank account in Paytm in order to receive cashback.

Get cashback for doing UPI transaction

get paytm cashback on first upi transaction

you can also get cashback in your Paytm wallet for doing UPI transaction through the UPI created at Paytm linked with your bank account. You can get cashback up to 20 rupees for each transaction.

Sometimes you get nil. But remember you didn’t get cashback instantly at the moment after doing UPI transaction.

You will have to wait few days in order to receive cashback, but it is assured that you will surely receive cashback for the maximum number of UPI transaction.

Get most out of Paytm

Don’t always wait only for the free offers from Paytm, try to grab as much as the best opportunity from the offers provided by the Paytm.

For example, Paytm gives the monthly discount of 200 rupees on the minimum order of rupees 299 by using promo code ONCEAMONTH. It means you only need to pay around 99 rupees if you are in need of products that are priced around 299 rupees.

Best thing is that you can apply this promo code each month. Also if you have more than one Paytm account then you can place another order to receive cashback of 299, for this purpose you don’t need to do full KYC, just follow my first trick stated above.

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