Android app Development for Beginners

How to start learning android development? Well, this is the question must be coming to your mind if you are fascinated by Android and new to it. In this post, I will tell you all the ways through which I have learned android development and successfully launched my app to play store.

Why choose Android Development?

Well, the majority of the mobile phones has android Os and there is huge scope to reach the vast audience or people all around the world. Therefore learning android development will have an upper edge over others technology. Moreover, nowadays, more companies are shifting their web services to mobile services because the future will be dominated by mobile phones only.

What do you need to know before starting android development?

There are two ways through which you can start developing android apps:

  1. Without Coding

    There are various sources over the internet through which you can make android apps without any coding experience. All you need is to drag drop, resize, align and assign action and events. There are the bunch of app Builders which let you make an android app without code. Some are available online,  some are available offline and some are cloud-based. Here is some website where you can straight away start making android apps.

    These are some popular one out there. There are tons other. All you need to search on Google.

  2. With Code  The best and most preferred way to make android apps by code. So you have to learn to code (programming). Basically, you need to learn Java or Kotlin. Both languages are good and have its own disadvantages( Will compare them in another post). Now, Since you choose your preferred language, you will require the resource to learn from. The best way to learn any programming language is through the internet (best and free). You do not need to join any offline coaching institute for this purpose. Some people may think of it as a hard task to do, let me tell you ‘It is Not‘.

Where to Learn Java from? To learn Java programming language you can refer to YouTube video series (English) of Newboston YouTube channel, For Hindi java Tutorials you can refer to YouTube videos on java by Saurabh Shukla Sir. This is my recommendation for free tutorials, Still there are plenty of free options available on the internet, feel free to learn from any resource you like.  To conceptually learn deep java and want to have a clear understanding of it, refer to Javatpoint website(I personally learned a lot from here). 

Where to Learn Kotlin from?

Google has officially made Kotlin the official language to make an android application. Though it doesn’t mean Java is eroded. If you are new to programming and decided to learn Kotlin then you can easily learn it from Youtube free videos. Also, you can learn kotlin from paid resources like from Udemy. Don’t worry I have a way for you to grab the paid Udemy course for free( Only if you cannot afford to buy course). Refer to this post to know “How to get all Udemy courses for free?”.

Now, assuming that you know how to code. Let’s dive down to Android Studio Tutorials.

Android Studio Tutorials

First, make sure that you have a laptop or PC with good specifications. I recommend you at least 8 GB ram to run a hazel free android studio.

Personally speaking, there is no need to buy courses to start developing apps on the android studio. I myself had learned from free YouTube tutorials and they are:

These tutorials series are enough to learn android basic development and develop your android knowledge base. You can refer to any one of them ( two would be more better, you will get to know different ways of doing the same task).

If in case you want to buy paid courses then I have some recommendation for you:

These courses are the paid udemy courses and are best according to me for learning android development for beginners. In case you cannot afford these paid android course and then you can refer to my old post which tells you how to get udemy courses for free. And yeah, you are free enough to learn from any source you like.


The best way to learn android development is to build the app side by side watching series of tutorials video for making a complete app. for example, you can make social Google Firebase chat app along with watching TVAC Studio tutorial for making android chat application.


You cannot learn android development in one day in one go. Give it at least one month time. Start practicing with small apps as described in tutorials, You will get a lot of errors, in the beginning, don’t get scared of that. Search for errors over in the google you will definitely get your solution at StackOverflow because you will soon learn that StackOverflow is your best friend.

My Result:

By following the above-mentioned steps, I have successfully launched my first android application Cryptocurrency Prices Live-Real Time Price & News on Google Play Store.

This post is not sponsored by anyone. Everything here is my personal opinion.

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