Top 5 Android Apps this Week 2018

Here is the list of top 5 android apps this week. All apps are free and available in the play store. So lets ses whats is in the list?

Power Shade

Top 5 Android Apps this Week 2018

This app gives you the new Android Pi notification panel on any device, that’s under PI. So any older device you can get the new Android Pi Notification Center and I actually really like it, it’s really fluid.

You can hold down on your toggles. There is no quick menu anymore exactly like on Android Pi. You can reorganize all the toggles and stuff like that all the basic functionality, but you also get customization options over the notification theme.

For customizing the banner and the background color and you have a few more options and you can add your own profile picture and reorganize, where the brightness slider is and you can also set up a trigger area, so if you can’t reach the top of the phone you can swipe in from the right or left-hand side and it will actually pull the panel down.


best android apps 2018

FamiSafe is really good if you have kids and you want to track their devices and you want to limit what they can do. So if you want to put age restrictions on things like the apps they use, you can do that in this app. So you can put age restrictions and there’s a lot of different ones to choose from and once you apply the age restriction it will instantly hide the app with the age restriction on the other person’s device.

So on your kid’s device or whoever you’re trying to track,  there’s an inbuilt real-time location tracker. You also have location history and you can also view when they go in and out of buildings.

There’s also a smart schedule so you can see when they’re using it, if they’re not meant to be you can also enable this screen time limit and it will actually lock the device if the kid uses the phone for too much.

You also get a map on the home screen, so you can always see where they are and you can lock the device.  You get all the usual remote access functionality, but you also get the ability to block with a view on the web as well as the apps they use and how long they use their device.

So overall it’s really good if you have kids. There is a charge for it however you get three days free trial the app.

Pixel 4d

Pixel 4d is a super nice wallpaper app. It’s not a minimalistic app. It’s a 3d wallpaper app, so I mixed it up a little bit, but you can get some really cool astronaut ones or landscapes and when you tilt the phone left to right it will actually move so it looks really 3d especially on camera and you can go ahead and set that as your lock screen wallpaper or your home screen wallpaper.

Overall they’re super crispy and high-quality and they look really awesome and they have a really nice 3d effect it’s probably the best one I’ve seen out of any wallpaper app and there’s a lot to choose from.

Obviously, there’s paid wallpapers in here but the majority the ones are free. You also have various categories to go through so you can find a lot of different wallpapers to choose from and they all look equally good.

Navigation gestures

Navigation gestures is one, I should have featured in last month’s but I hadn’t actually heard of it before and I couldn’t get the ADB to work, but basically you need to enable the navigation gestures in your accessibility options and it gives you the new iPhone 10 like bar at the bottom of your screen and you can use that to swipe up and go home rather than using your navbar keys.

Now obviously the navbar is still there, so you will actually need to use ADB and type in a command, which will actually hide the navbar but the app walks you through it pretty well. So if you just download it, it’ll tell you exactly what to do and you don’t need to root or anything like that. You can customize what all the swipes do?

However you want, it’s a free app and it’s really awesome.

Apps Giveaway

This app helps you reduce the amount of money you spend, because all the apps in this app used to be paid apps, but are now reduced to free.

So pretty much the app has a Google+ feed and all of the posts are previously paid out for like 399 and now are reduced to free.  it’s really good if you want to get some pretty premium pro apps that are now free. These are normally time-limited, so they won’t always be free but they’re free for a certain amount of time.

Download the app, they have a side panel with a few options like app promo codes up-sales. They’ve got an app of the week and out of the month so definitely download it and check it out.


I  recently found this app,  it’s pretty good if you want to make money by taking photos. So all you do is you take a bunch of really nice cinematic photos, whatever you want and you upload them on this site.

You can enter them into a bunch of different competitions and you actually get prizes.  Whoever wins will get like $200 $300 and their photo will actually be displayed in a gallery. Somewhere in the world will be a gallery with your photo.

There’s a lot of different entries you can do for different scenarios, different scenes. So you have some nice photos and you want to enter and try to win some money or get some exposure on your photos, this is a really nice app to try, it’s free and is actually pretty awesome. I’d highly recommend.

That is my top 5 android apps this week 2018. I really hope you enjoyed this post. Will soon come with some latest awesome Android apps again. Till then if you have not yet checked the list of top 5 games like fortnite, then please do check.


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